Previous Chamber meeting

  • The Summersville Chamber of Commerce meet for the April meeting at the Hungry Moose April 14th. The meeting was called to order by President Cathy Tuttle at 12:08 pm.
  • The reading of the minutes for the March meeting was read and approved by motion from Linda Barnett and seconded by Lisa Howell.
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Summersville Chamber minutes

The Summersville Chamber of Commerce met at 12 noon in the Bank Community Room on September 8 with six attending.

Vice-President Linda Barnett called the meeting to order since President Cathy Tuttle had medical appointments.

Minutes of the previous meeting were read individually and approved with motion from Linda Barnett, second Linda Freshouer.

Bills were presented from TJ Computing and the Summersville Beacon for advertising.  Motion by Colleen Bradford to pay TJ Computing and then look to see how well the site is kept up.  Second by Linda Barnett.  Motion by Colleen to reimburse Cathy for the bounce house deposit for Pumpkin Fest. Linda Barnett second.  All in favor.

Under old business, the theme for the Christmas parade will be “Americana” as that was the theme last year, but because of the weather, there was never a parade.  Motion by Sharon Vaughn, second by Colleen.  All voted in favor.

Cathy is checking on pricing for t-shirts. She will have that information available at the next meeting.

Vice-President Linda Barnett asked how much the music will cost for Pumpkin Fest. No one could remember. We will check and have that information at the next meeting. Businesses will be contacted to help provide for the music. Bradfords will help sponsor the music. Sharon was asked if they could provide a trailer again this year. As of now, yes.

Contacts need to be made to Sue Duncan, National Park Service, and the Conservation Commission for participation in Pumpkin Fest.

The school will sponsor a 5 K run/walk, starting at 8 AM on October 4. Register in the square at 7:30 if not pre-registered. Colleen Bradford said the Funeral Home will furnish water for runners, and she will contact Jeremy to see if he can provide fruit, maybe bananas for the runners. The strongest participation should be from the school since implementation of the Wellness Program.

Categories will include Under 10, 11-19; 20-29; 30-39; 40-49, and 50 Plus. Medals will be awarded to the first three places in each category. A $20 Pre-registration fee will be required for those who want t-shirts. Superintendent Johnson offered to design the t-shirt and check on pricing. Linda Freshour has basic EMT certification and she will stand by for medical aid.Contact Cross Country coach, Richard Nixon at 573-321-8138 or for pre-registration and more information.

Ashley Barnett will take care of the king/queen contest with every entry getting a crown. Chamber will also consider a pet contest.

For booth space rental, contact Country Petals at 417-932-5373.

Linda Barnett made a motion for the meeting to adjourn.  Second by Linda Freshour. All voted in favor.