When it’s time to make the big move, packing is going to be one of the biggest challenges that you encounter. If you happen to own a lot of delicate items, they will require a surprising amount of extra wrapping to ensure that they arrive at your new home unharmed. Here are some tips on the best ways to pack fragile items.

Properly Packing Plates
Plates can be a tricky item to pack. You must ignore your natural inclination to pack them flat and stacked on top of one another. To properly pack plates, these moving services recommend have the following on hand:

  • scotch tape
  • newspaper
  • packing peanuts or old clothing
  • packing tape
  • black permanent marker

Cushion the inside of your storage box with the packing peanuts or the old clothing. Wrap each plate individually with the newspaper and then seal the newspaper with a few pieces of scotch tape. Once all plates have been properly protected, set them inside of the box vertically, not horizontally. Be sure to nestle the plates into the packing peanuts or old clothes. Once all plates have been stored within the box, seal it with packing tape and label each side with the word “FRAGILE” in large black letters.

Properly Packing Glasses
Glasses are a unique item when it comes to packing. They are designed to stack, but this natural design can also prove to be the biggest threat to their integrity. Proper packing should minimize this threat. To properly pack glasses, you will need the following:

  • newspaper
  • scotch tape
  • thick, pliable cardboard (such as file folders or cereal boxes)
  • a deep box

Before packing them, wrap each glass in a sheet of newspaper. Be sure to fold the newspaper down into the glass for maximum coverage. Secure the newspaper to the glass using scotch tape. Once all glasses have been wrapped, stack them vertically on the bottom of the box side by side.

Place the heaviest glasses on the bottom. Once all heavy glasses are inside, lay the pliable cardboard on top of them. Begin stacking the lighter glasses on top of the cardboard. Once all glasses have been packed, seal the box and mark it with “FRAGILE” on all sides as well as marking which end is the top, so you don’t open it upside down.

Properly Packing Large Glass Items
Moving large glass items such as picture frames or mirrors can prove to be quite the challenge since they are very large but also delicate. A few simple tricks should help to ensure that your large glass items get to their destination intact. The items you will need are:

Cover the glass with painter’s tape in the shape of a star to the edges. This will help to absorb any vibrations and also prevent the glass from shifting. Next, cover the edges with foam frame protectors to create a buffer zone as extra cushioning. Lastly, wrap the entire object in bubble wrap and secure with tape.

As an overall suggestion, it would benefit you greatly to get a head start on your packing. If you know months in advance that you’ll be moving by a certain date, begin your packing endeavor as early as possible. Taking your time to pack everything properly will be the ideal way to protect all of your possessions and reduce your stress. If it comes down to crunch time, and you don’t have time to pack everything yourself, consider hiring one of the local moving companies near you. Most movers charge by the hour for packing and unpacking services, so it isn’t too expensive to get help.


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