Moving is a crazy and stressful process. Despite being excited about taking that next step in life, you will probably face an immense frustration. You have to pack all your property into boxes and move into another home. A recent study shows that the anxiety of moving houses is one of the leading stressful events occurring in human life. You will face the stress of finding a new home and having to show strangers around your own house. You will face the unavoidable tension and nervousness of the build-up to the actual day of the move itself. Proper groundwork and precise planning are crucial to a successful move. That alone will help with moving stress. But being prepared and how you respond to the inevitable challenges of moving day can be the real difference. The success or failure in moving houses depends on experience and competence of the individual involved. In the situation, you are faced with an immediate relocation design to make, and you end up wondering whether to use a moving company or do it yourself, take into consideration the following advantages of utilizing professional movers.

1. Guarantees safety, speed reliability, efficiency and peace of mind.

Professional movers are trained to utilize the most appropriate and efficient moving system so that your household items are well packed, safely moved and delivered on time to your new home while intact. A licensed moving company carries out sufficient wrapping and cushioning to prevent your belongings from getting jostled during transport. They are trained for careful offloading, navigation through steep staircases and narrow corridors hence guaranteeing safety.

2. Movers have proper house moving equipment.

Professional movers have advanced equipment utilized in the relocation process that guarantees the success of your moving adventure. They have access to adequate packing supplies such as moving boxes, suitable moving vehicles and specialty equipment that saves time and ensure maximum protection for your expensive property.

3. Professional movers take full liability of your property.

Professional movers insure all personal belongings before transporting. The moving company will, therefore, be held liable for your move hence be accountable for any damage sustained to your property while on the move. The movers will do their best to ensure all your property are relocated safely, timely and in good shape.

4. Professional movers Save you money.

People hesitate in hiring movers because of the cost. What they never know is that professional movers save time and money in the long-term. Moving companies reduces the possibility of injuries, breakages or loss of items that could cause us money. Movers save us on spending on tools and equipment needed, buying food and refreshment for friends helping in moving and costs of hiring and fueling a moving truck.

Moving Company Regulations and Licensing

It doesn’t require much to begin a moving company. All that it takes is a truck and a few strong people. These minimum requirements make it easy for any individual to start a moving company. The ease in forming a moving company can likewise prompt unethical characters to start exploitative moving companies. To handle this, there are various regulatory bodies, both at the national and state level, tasked with advising movers of their rights and the policies that registered and authorized movers must adhere too. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration is the body tasked with registering, licensing and regulating moving companies at the national level. FMCSA regulates any long distance moving company that carries goods over state lines. Despite the national regulatory authority, each state has their own moving company regulatory body that governs intrastate moves. In Missouri State, the Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT) is the body tasked with supervising all professional movers. All movers in Missouri are required to have a verified MODOT number as a proof of their authenticity. In situation you have issues with your selected moving company, feel free to contact MoDOT for help.

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